A list of various tutorials that I have put together:

Intro to VRay Part 1 – Lighting

Intro to Vray Part 2 – Materials – Part 1

Intro to Vray Part 2 – Materials – Part 2: Transparency Maps + UVW Mapping

Intro to Vray Part 2 – Materials – Part 3: Reflection Layer

Intro to Vray Part 2 – Materials – Part 4: Refraction Layer

Intro to Vray Part 2 – Materials – Part 5: Emissive Layer

Creating Context Models Quickly: From Google Earth to Sketchup 


9 responses

30 11 2011

This is absolutly brilliant, keep up the good work, im learning alot from this 🙂

30 11 2011


Thanks for the kind words! I will be finishing the material wrap up tutorial and already have the next 2-3 planned. Stay Tuned, there should be a lot between now and the end of the year!

2 01 2012

I really Enjoyed your Tutorials! Its Hard to find a good site that begins with the basics of VRfR rendering! Please keep up your Tutorials as I will be sure to share the resources with fellow vray learners

3 01 2012

Thanks for checking everything out! I am actually 1/2 way through the next update on The Reflection and Refraction layers of material. It should be done this evening or tomorrow. Please stop back often and keep up to date!

18 02 2012
Bruno Suraski

mac, hello! I sent you a message to your contact form.
Did you recieve it? Is about an scenario Im doing!


18 02 2012

I have not received any emails from you and have actually been looking for it throughout the week both in my inbox and in the spam folder. Please make sure that you are sending it to the correct email address. macdesignstudio.cle (at) gmail (dot) com

1 03 2013

Thank you!
VrR tutorials are hard to find. Especially, good ones like this.
Very well explained and easy to follow…!

Thank you again

1 03 2013

Thanks for your kind words. I know that it’s been a while since I’ve added any new content, but look for new stuff in this coming month!

28 08 2013

Thank you for these tutorials. They’re very clear and use a simple language, I really appreciate them.
I’m looking forward to any new tutorials you’ll post!

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