Time to catch up

14 07 2011

To all of you who are rabid readers of my posts (mom), I must apologize for taking so long between posts.  I have found myself surprisingly busy over the past few months both in the office as well as beginning to prepare myself for the submission to the Cleveland Competition.  Unfortunately I find myself behind the 8 ball as far as that is concerned, but hope to make up for lost time in the next few weeks.


Over the last few weeks I have finished my first project at the office of which we created an entire set of construction documents in Revit Architecture 2011, the first major set of drawings the firm has produced entirely in Revit.  This has lead me to realize that I should post many tutorials and lessons learned on the project to this website on Revit which will be forthcoming.


I will also be creating some tutorials on the advantages of utilizing Rhino both a modeling tool as well as  a representational software.  The software has a tremendous advantage over other platforms because of the ability to render out high level design AND create a vector based output that can be brought in to vector based software such as Adobe Illustrator to create incredible diagrams.  This type of output and control gives the designer the ability to tell the story that most software platforms don’t allow.  My hope is to share these type of lessons in many future tutorials that will share my knowledge with those of you looking to further your skills in diagramming and creating graphical representations of  ideas, not purely final results.   These posts will be coming up within the next week or so and hopefully will be the beginning of set of tutorials that begin to talk about the way to utilize the digital models as a way to further one’s techniques in diagrams and story telling as well as creating some cool graphics for upcoming projects.


Please stay tuned!





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